Tourists swept away by waves in Seixal

Two tourists were swept away by a wave in Seixal today, but were saved by people nearby.

After the alert, a SANAS-Madeira boat from Porto Moniz was activated, but when the crew was on its way to the location, it was informed that “one of the citizens had already been pulled out of the water by people and that the other was accompanied by a member of the public who had, to the detriment of his own safety, entered the water with a buoy to provide buoyancy and move him away from the surf zone”.

According to a note issued by SANAS-Madeira, both waited in the water until the arrival of this vessel, which rescued them and transported them to the Porto Moniz pier where an ambulance from the Volunteer Firefighters of São Vicente and Porto Moniz was waiting.

From Diário Notícias