Transport of wind components to Paul da Serra begins tomorrow and may close roads

Laso Transportes is preparing to transport various wind components in Madeira, starting at 10 pm on Friday, February 14. Given the complexity of the operation, from Porto do Caniçal to Paul da Serra, some preventive measures will be necessary, such as the total cut of roads, intervention in 8 roundabouts and deviation, when necessary, of electrical wires.

Specialized in providing road transport services for special goods, this company will transport 12 wind blades with 67mt each, divided into 2 phases, to the Alecrim-Urze Wind Farm, in Paúl da Serra. In the first phase, the transport will be done in a conventional way, whose route starts at Porto do Caniçal to Ribeira Brava.

In the second phase, the transport will be carried out using the Blade Lifter equipment, which, in addition to playing a decisive role when there are winding roads, tight curves, populated areas, and abnormal inclinations, allows to lift the transported wind blade up to 60º. inclination, as well as rotating 360º on its axis.

The transportation of 4 generators, each weighing 120 tonnes, will be carried out in 4 phases due to the complexity of the route and the requirements for these to be transported. Three different transport compositions will be used with a maximum length of about 70mt. In the transport of each generator, 2 to 3 trucks will be used to draw the respective trains and overcome the steep climbs that characterize the island. The first phase of transport of the generator starts at Porto do Caniçal until the entrance to VR1; passing there to the second phase, until Ribeira Brava. The third phase will continue until Prazeres, ending at the Alecrim Urze Wind Farm.

The operation starts tomorrow night, after 10 pm it will run for at least a month and a half, involving about 8 trucks, 38 axle lines for the transport of each generator, 1 Blade Lifter, 18 LASO employees and 20 PSP agents.

LASO’s involvement in this project is to contribute to increasing the supply of energy to Madeira Island.

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