According to numerous reports transmitted to JM, the inconvenience is enormous in the Cabouco area due to the closure of regional road 103.

The problem arises from the outset with the lack of prior signage to warn of the closure of the road, causing dozens of visitors to travel several kilometers every day until they realize that they will have to turn around to get around this obstacle.

The landslide that occurred some time ago on the road has caused great constraints on residents, who complain about the slowness of the intervention and the fact that workers continue not to work at the weekend. A situation that they do not understand in view of the inconvenience that the closure of the road causes for the local population.

Some people are forced to walk a considerable distance on foot, pass through an allegedly dangerous area as the road is closed for works and then are forced to turn back due to a ravine that fell some time ago, in the area of ​​Cabouco, Faial , in the Municipality of Santana.
Meanwhile, the road between Fajã do Cedro Gordo and Cabouco remains identified as a danger zone to be resolved.

From Jornal Madeira