They make this as difficult as possible, as in the hope people give up and just let it go..

Carlos Viveiros, a Ryanair passenger, traveled to Porto on April 6th of this year and now, with the deadline for collecting the refund ending, he is unable to issue the receipt.

The period for attributing travel reimbursements, at CTT, is 90 days, so tomorrow, July 6th, the deadline for collection expires.
Several times the passenger tried to issue the receipt online, but without success. Carlos Viveiros tells JM that the receipts Ryanair sends him are not valid for issuing refunds by CTT.
The citizen complains about the lack of resolution by the company, stating that he has already called and sent several emails and still does not have the receipt required for reimbursement purposes.
“They say to complain to the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) and to the attorney”, explains the customer, who even went to the airport, but without effect.
Carlos Viveiros also reports to JM that he has also sent emails to the Regional Secretariat for Tourism, reporting the situation, ensuring that he is aware that there are “dozens of cases like this”.
In this way, he asks the regional secretary of Tourism to clarify the situation and asks if there will be the possibility of making an exception so that he can extend the period for withdrawing the reimbursement.

From Jornal Madeira

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