MPT defends tourist taxes and taxes on the use of walking routes to combat “mass tourism”

I totally agree with this, the walking routes are only going to get worse if no maintenance is done, like many already are. Plus the mass of tourists are leaving shit and toilet paper everywhere on the walks and at bbq areas and where peopke are just camping where they like. Totally disgusting, and I say we don’t want this in Madeira.

The Ponta São Lourenço route is in a very bad state and dangerous to walk in places. Where is all the money going that they are making on this walk from the tourists.???? 

In terms of Tourism, the MPT considers that “the increase in the cost of use reduces the amount of use of resources and equipment”, so it once again proposes the implementation of a tourist tax in Madeira, as well as a fee for the use of routes, as they are deteriorating fast.

The first, explains Valter Rodrigues in a press release, aims at “our tourist sites and equipment being in good condition and creating new ones”.

The second, which would be “exclusively for non-residents”, aims to keep pedestrian routes “clean and safe”, as well as “to create and promote other alternative routes in order to avoid congestion”, explains the candidate of the Party of Earth to the September 24th Regional Elections.

“These measures are intended to implement quality tourism, provide unique experiences to our visitors and promote the environment, as well as defend the largest regional industry”, maintains the coordinator MPT-Madeira.
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