Funchal will invest six million euros to repair roads in “all parishes”

The president of Funchal City Council announced today that six million euros will be invested in repaving the city’s roads.

“This year we are going to start something that has not been done in Funchal for so many years, and which is a demand from the population. We are going to invest six million euros in repaving the city’s main arteries in all parishes”, said Cristina Pedra, during the ceremony in honor of João Dantas, president of Funchal City Council, between 1985 and 1993, which as of today has a roundabout named after him.

This is the Vitória roundabout, next to Cimentos Madeira, which is now called Rotunda João Dantas.

The roundabout underwent renovation that cost 100 thousand euros. Works were carried out to “repave the floor, install the irrigation system, arrange the gardens and put up a bright sign with the word Funchal”.

Cristina Pedra explained that the tribute to João Dantas aims to mark his long political career.

At the head of the municipality of Funchal, Pedra highlighted, the former mayor increased the population’s access to drinking water from 53% to 96%, created five car parks with a capacity of 1,298 spaces, acquired land for the construction of squares and gardens, expanding the city’s green areas from 130 thousand to almost 200 thousand square meters, and was responsible for the construction of Mercado da Penteada, among other projects.

“This symbolic tribute is very worthy”, highlighted the Funchal mayor.

For his part, present at the ceremony and accompanied by his family, João Dantas thanked him for the recognition and emphasised the sense of public service that politicians need to have to respond to the population’s desires.

From Jornal Madeira