Ten planes diverged and four cancelled

As of 3pm this Friday, four flights to and from Madeira had already been canceled and 10 aircraft were forced to diverge due to strong traffic at Madeira International Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to the ANA Aeroportos page, it is reported that flights EJU7621, from easyJet, coming from Lisbon, and TP 16878, from the airline TAP, which came from Lisbon, were both cancelled, as were their departures from Lisbon airport. Madeira, from 9:00 am and 11:35 am, respectively. 

With regard to diverted aircraft, ANA Aeroportos counts 10:

Airline  Destiny
easyjet Lisbon – diverged to Lisbon
Transavia  Amsterdam – diverged to Porto Santo
Jet2 Manchester – diverged to Porto Santo and later to Lanzarote
easyjet Manchester – diverged to Tenerife
easyjet London- diverged to Las Palmas
easyjet Lisbon – diverted to the airport of origin
Smartlynx Airlines Riga – diverged to Porto Santo
TUI Birmingham – diverged to Porto Santo
Ryanair Paris, Beauvais – diverged to Lisbon
EWDiscover Frankfurt – diverged to Portimão

As reported, some hotels in Porto Santo have already been contacted to receive passengers from the diverted flights. 

From Diário Notícias