New Mobile App

From the people that designed the popular Walk Me Levada app, they have now just released a new guide to Madeira app, called Guide Me.
The app is available  for the Iphone and Android, and below you will find the links.
The great thing about this app is it is available offline so once downloaded you can use it and not have any data roaming charges.
I have 6 Promo codes to give away for anyone who would like the app, and has an IPHONE, unfortunately Google don’t use promo codes.
The only way to get the app for FREE on Android is to go to Tecnopolo In Funchal, If you are able to do this, then contact me through my website and I will arrange for the app to be loaded on your phone for Free to the first 5 people.
So if you have an Iphone and would like a code to get the app for FREE contact me through my website Tobi in Madeira and the first 6 people will get a promotional code, all I ask is for some feedback once you have had a try of the app.
For others who want to get the app on Google Play or Itunes the links are below.
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Itunes Click HERE
Google Play Click HERE
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