Unfair Working Conditions

I have a copy of a leaflet that has been handed out in many of the hotels on Madeira.
The leaflet is in Portuguese, German, English and French.
It is about unfair working conditions for staff in the hotels, Madeira has seen a rise in the number of tourists coming to the island, and this means a rise in hotel occupancy, yet staff have had no increase in pay for more than 2 years, and with the huge increase in IVA, which is due to increase again next year, people are finding it a struggle to live.
Plus I know hotels put on people more and more, more working hours which are not paid, you need to try and take when its a less busy time, more and more responsibility for workers with no extra money.
It really is disgusting how many of these workers who really run the hotels while the management at the top or owners take all the profit.
Most do not deserve the staff they have.
Below is a copy of the English part of the leaflet.