The refurbishment of the Ponta do Sol pier cost 700 thousand euros and includes the consolidation of the cliff to avoid falling rocks.

Miguel Albuquerque visited, on Tuesday, the restoration works of Ponta do Sol pier, considering that this is a relevant investment, given the importance of this heritage for the municipality and the Region.

“It is a very important heritage… it had an average operation in the 19th century of 8,000 tons of goods movement. In 1947, the pier moved 16,000 passengers, ”said the head of the Madeiran Executive.

Linked to the identity of this municipality, Ponta Sol pier was especially relevant at a time when there were no land connections.

After this infrastructure, Ribeira Brava’s quay will be the next for reconstruction, Albuquerque announced.

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Albuquerque admits to “study” Estrada dos Anjos

Without wishing to compromise, the president of the Regional Government admitted to “study” a possible agreement with the Ponta do Sol City Council for the stabilisation of the escarpment of Estrada dos Anjos that is closed to traffic due to risk of subsidence of the cliff, this is the road with the famous (Car Wash) waterfall.

In this internal access of Ponta do Sol there is a waterfall that is appreciated and is the delight of numerous tourists who take the opportunity to take pictures promoting the county through social shares. The municipality has already said that an intervention is beyond the possibilities of the municipality and without help from the government is unlikely to reopen.

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