The public presentation of the Contingency Plan for the New Coronavirus (2019-nCov) is scheduled for Monday, February 3, at the premises of the Regional Civil Protection Service (auditorium), open to the general public.

A note from the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, which recalls that the contingency plan for the new Coronavirus (2019-nCov) is already in force in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

Health professionals (doctors and nurses) and firefighters have already received the rules and guidelines that define safety procedures in suspected cases of the new Coronavirus (2019-nCov) and have participated in sectoral meetings and specific training related to this matter.

The Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection is monitoring the evolution of this whole situation, in full articulation with the other health services and the civil protection area.

Throughout this week, several meetings have taken place in order to improve and operationalise some procedures provided for in the Contingency Plan for the new Coronavirus (2019-nCov).

The statement further states that “the regional health authority has maintained regular contacts with different entities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, from airports, ports, Foreigners and Borders Service, marinas, customs, Regional Directorate of Tourism, Information Services and Security (SIS), hotel units, among others.

All regional entities have already received information from the Health Administration Institute with some guidelines in case a suspicious case is detected. Even all the information and dissemination support for the line made available for this purpose (800242420) have already been distributed to all services and it was requested to be fixed in visible places.

In addition to the disclosure of the SRS 24 line (800242420), informational posters were also made available to warn of the importance of adopting simple measures to prevent any type of infection and virus transmission, such as washing hands frequently.

Likewise, the Regional Secretary recalls that “all these initiatives are in full articulation with the General Health Directorate and with the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization, which on January 30, 2020, declared the situation of Health Emergency International scope ”.

In addition to informative and normative circulars, IASAÚDE, IP-RAM issued a public health alert that gathers the most recent information on cases of infection with a new Coronavirus at the international level, which may have implications for Mainland Portugal and the Region.

The structures of the Regional Secretary for Health and Civil Protection, in intersectoral articulation, have been activating the necessary resources for the best response to this emerging infection in RAM.

Among the various activities carried out this week under the contingency plan for the new Coronavirus, the president of the Institute of Health Administration, Herberto Jesus, traveled today, January 31, to Porto Santo to contact health professionals the local Health Center and local members.

Taken from Jornal Madeira

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