Embroidery market, tapestries and garment articles decrease again

In 2019, the sale of embroidery, tapestries and garment articles represented a first sale revenue of 545.1 thousand euros, -21.8% compared to 2018, maintaining the downward trend of the previous three years. That decrease was influenced by the generalised decrease in sales, both for the domestic market (-32.6%) and for the foreign market (-9.9%).

In the year under review, about 45% of sales were made in the national market (246.2 thousand euros). The United States (168.9 thousand euros) and Italy (64.5 thousand euros) were the main destination markets for this type of article. Year-on-year changes in these markets were -11.1% and -24.0%, respectively. Of note was the drop in sales in the regional market, which decreased 33.3% in 2019, reaching 236.8 thousand euros.

From DN