The Tabua Tunnel reopened to traffic this afternoon, around 6:20 pm.

It is recalled that on Tuesday, January 21, there was a fall of stones in the security extension of the Tunnel of Tabua, at 8.30 am. Immediately Via Expresso closed the tunnel and the stone workers who were cleaning the escarpment overlooking the Ponta do Sol Tunnel moved to Tabua, in order to assess the situation. From this intervention, they caused the voluntary fall of rocks which were unstable, this resulted in significant damage to the structure. This operation was concluded at 3 pm on Tuesday and it was concluded that the instability resulted from a natural and recurrent erosive phenomenon in Madeira, characteristic of these formations.

Now the Tunnel reopens and tomorrow, Friday, work will resume on the escarpment overlooking the Ponta do Sol Tunnel and under the conditions previously disclosed (car traffic closed from 9:30 am to 6 pm). The operation resumes next Monday, and, over the weekend, car circulation will be carried out without constraints. Subsequently, the final intervention will be carried out in the Tunnel of Tabua.

Taken from JM

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