CMF reinforces cleaning operation for Carnival festivities

One of the highlights of any event in Funchal where a large amount of rubbish is thrown, especially carnival with all the streamers and confetti, is the clean up which is like a military operation. the dirty rubbish-filled streets are transformed in record time, washed and left pristine. It’s an amazing sight to witness. 

The Funchal City Council informs that, over the next few days, there will be a reinforcement of containers for the deposition of waste in lower do Funchal, with the placement of a total of 70 containers in the areas where the Carnival celebrations will take place.

After the processions, the usual cleaning operation will take place, including the sweeping and washing of streets, collection of waste and collection of containers. In addition to the section where they take place (Avenida do Mar and Avenida Sá Carneiro), the remaining spaces in the centre of Funchal will also be kept clean, where a large influx of revellers is expected, especially Avenida Arriaga, Praça do Povo and Praça do Mar.

For each cleaning operation, the following means were called:

– Allegorical Parade (Saturday, February 22): between 8 pm and 3 am a total of 66 workers and 17 vehicles will be on duty, namely 4 heavy auto-sweepers, 3 auto-tanks, 3 support mini-vans and 7 open-box vehicles ;

– Cortejo Trapalhão (Tuesday, February 25): between 3 pm and 10 pm a total of 77 workers and 16 vehicles will be on duty, namely 4 heavy sweepers, 3 water tankers, 3 support mini-vans and 6 support vehicles open box.

The Municipality also informs that on the afternoon of Carnival Sunday (February 23), 2 employees will be exceptionally ensuring the maintenance of the cleanliness of the centre of Funchal, given the large influx of people expected.

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