Easyjet threatens to abandon Madeira route due to changes in mobility subsidy

Following the approval of the new Madeira mobility subsidy model, presented yesterday by PSD Madeira deputies, in the Assembly of the Republic, EasyJet reiterates once again that it will not be able to implement the changes inherent to it.

In a statement, the low-cost airline states that the implementation of these measures implies “the expulsion of easyJet from a liberalised market, by a political decision, and that it will force the company to interrupt the two domestic routes currently existing between Madeira and the Portuguese continent (LISFNC & OPOFNC), which will have a huge negative impact both on people’s lives, as well as on tourism and the economy of the entire region ”.

The same statement recalls that Easyjet has operated international routes to Madeira since 2007 and has provided domestic services since 2008, with “recognized benefits for residents of the region, ensuring greater competition and availability of lower fares for all”.

It promises to continue to monitor this decision, and to analyze all details related to it, with our regulatory and legal teams.

Taken From Diário Notícias