Grub up Tuesday

Grub up Tuesday

If you ever visit Curral das Freiras, and you should as it’s one of Madeiras treasures and a great place to see from down in the village and from above at the viewpoint in Eira do Serrado.

This place though has always had a bad name for taking advantage of tourists, and the restaurant place with the cut out of a Nun outside is a place to avoid at all costs.

I found this new place Paladares do Curral, also just along the front opposite the church. A great little place and very simple but the lady working there is very friendly, understands a little English, and offers great prices for food and drink.

We had the soup Trigo, (wheat soup) which was great, and one of my favourite soups. They don’t do a great menu, and weekends they do a little more, but take a stop and see what is on offer and you won’t be disappointed.

This is a new place for me and I always make a stop here now even if it’s for just a drink.

You will find the place on Caminho da Padaria, Curral das Freiras

Check out the photo gallery below of our visit.



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