60 students from the 10th year of the Basic and Secondary School of Ponta do Sol, accompanied by teachers, participated, this Tuesday, February 11, in another action of the initiative ‘Plant the Future’.

The action of this initiative by the Education and Environment secretariats took place at Sítio da Relva Negra, in Paul da Serra.

“The action was extremely useful, given that today the environment is a very important issue”, said student Tiago Almeida, who hopes that this project, which has Jornal Madeira as a partner, will continue, and that he himself can return to that place next year to see the state of the plant to which it has a future.

Already student Paula Álvaro, who says that “each tree symbolizes a story”, says that it is essential that young people and future generations assume the role of raising awareness “in the best possible way” of those around them to environmental issues.

Laura Castanho is certain that, more than raising awareness, it is necessary to take action. “This project is very important for our training as young people, since we are the future”, she said, adding that the action itself is useful to acquire knowledge that can be used at a professional level, in the area of ​​sciences. “Awareness actions are important, however, we still need to move on to the ground because the environment needs us”. 

The professor Filipe Lozada also gave his testimony after this activity, believing that all students should create the habit of planting a tree every year.

Remember that this is the second edition of ‘Plantar o Futuro’, with the participation of 2,020 students from 15 schools in the Region. These are present in the 39 planned planting actions, which are taking place on Tuesdays and Fridays.

From JM