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So far, there is no confirmation that ther are madeirans in the hotel in Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, placed in quarantine today due to the confirmation of a guest infected by the new coronavirus.

According to the president of the Institute of Health and Social Affairs Administration (IASAÚDE), Herberto Jesus, the Region has already established contacts with the hotel and other entities and says that, until the beginning of this Tuesday afternoon of Carnival, there was no confirmation from Madeirans at the hotel where there are about a thousand tourists staying in isolation as indicated by health authorities.

According to the Spanish press, the Government of the autonomous community of the Canary archipelago activated, in the early hours of today, the protocol in force in case of infection with Covid-19 and, as a preventive measure, proceeded to quarantine the partner of the infected person, as well as about a thousand tourists who were staying at the same hotel.

According to various media, health checks are being carried out in the hotel establishment for people who may have had contact with the infected person.

It is recalled that the Covid-19 outbreak, which began in China at the end of the year, has already killed 2,705 people and infected more than 80,000, according to health officials in some 30 affected countries.

In addition to 2,665 deaths in China, fatalities are reported in Iran, South Korea, Italy, Japan, the Philippines, France and Taiwan.

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