The President of the Regional Government has just launched an appeal for Madeirans to consume regional products. “Particularly at this delicate time, we must all make our contribution by helping to dispose of Madeiran products”, explained the minister to JM.

For Miguel Albuquerque, the option for products from Madeira has two justifications: “Because they really have a very good quality, but also because this way we contribute so that many companies and families in the Region can overcome this very difficult period”.

This regional design will not remain only due to the personal commitment of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira. Albuquerque revealed to JM that a media campaign is being prepared to raise awareness of the consumption of the regional product.

The official specifies that the regional market offers many products from the agricultural and agrifood sectors. With the closure of the hotel units, there are more products available and this is where the solidarity of the Madeirans should enter. Dairy and horticultural products, all types of fruit, should deserve the attention of Madeira consumers.

“We think that we should appeal to the consumption of Madeirans and we expect a matching response”, concludes Miguel Albuquerque.

Tomorrow my good friend Luis will show you how to Make Bolo do Caco at home, I have the ingredients in English for you. Flour, Powder Yeast, Salt, Water, and Sweet Potato Roasted, also garlic butter to serve.