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Hi all,

Thanks to those who have helped support my blog over the last week, thankfully it has stayed online throughout this last week, with a record number of visitors. I had a little problem my end of the blog so was taking me longer to post news, but this was soon sorted out with an increase of memory.

If anyone wishes to help support my blog they can join my Patreon Page at https://www.patreon.com/madeiraislandnews

Or buy me a coffee (might be Poncha soon though) at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Chinesa

Im just repeating this post as I am constantly getting requests to join with the Blog or the Forum. All the information is below.

With all the news which is changing constantly, and updating all the time, I’m working flat out to keep you all up to date.

I want to thank you all for all your comments, I am reading all of these when I can, and those of you who have commented the first time, I need to verify the comment before it shows, so I am always checking on this.

I am also getting a large number of emails, and I am trying to reply to all of these, but it’s taking a little longer than normal. If I have not replied to an email, please send again, as I might miss some, or plan to do later and totally forget.

Many of you have been asking to sign up to my forum. 

The forum I am going to close and in the process of doing this, as it’s not used enough, and I get an average of 200 fake sign ups a day, which I have to keep deleting, so its more work than its worth. If anyone has other suggestions I am happy to know what they are, and if you know WordPress even better.

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You can sign up to my blog and receive updates to your email, I understand this might be a bit annoying on days like today when I’m posting a lot. Or just bookmark the page www.madeiraislandnews.com and keep popping in to see me.

To Sign up just scroll to the very bottom of the blog and the Box is here as shown in the image below.

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Please if you do get email notifications, please click through to my actual blog as this registers a page view, this helps keep my blog ranked high, and easy for others to find it, and hopefully more traffic to the site.

Thank you again for making my blog a huge success, and I hope to keep bring updates as they happen over this very difficult time for us all.

Any questions please keep asking, just know that it might take a little longer to get back to you, but I try to reply to all emails, and I am always reading your blog comments.

Please also use the Search Box at the top of the blog, to search any info you might be looking for. 

Stay safe everyone and see you all when you can come back to Madeira. We promise to keep it as beautiful as it always is.