TAP is only making two daily flights to Madeira

This Sunday, TAP began to apply the scheme of just two trips from Lisbon to Madeira, with the cancellation of flight TP1689 that was supposed to land at 1:25 pm at Madeira Airport. Thus, of the three trips planned for today, only two are made – at 9:15 am and 8:30 pm.

A source from the airline explained to Diário Notícias that despite the lunch hour flight being included in the forecasts from Madeira Airport, “it had been canceled for several days because there was no demand to justify the three flights of the day”. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TAP has already announced an operation in the ‘minimum services’ mode to be in force between tomorrow and April 19 for 16 destinations, with Madeira providing only two daily connections, to be carried out with Embraer 190 aircraft.

Diário Notícias

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