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The infected engineer is stable at home and duly referred by the authorities
The patient, a resident in Funchal, guarantees that he will sue the JM for transmitting false information.

The civil engineer who is infected with coronavirus is stable on medication and fulfilling the period of social isolation at his residence in Funchal, in the same household that was reported to the health authorities and the PSP, the DIÁRIO himself said, denying himself a ‘fake news’ that already runs on social networks with defamatory comments.

The citizen refutes has disappeared or that he has violated any health rule, vehemently denying information published earlier this Tuesday by another media outlet that is going viral on social media: “A PSP is making efforts in order to ascertain the whereabouts of the technical engineer of the Regional Secretariat for Equipment and Infrastructure who was positive in the test for coronavirus ”, reads.

In the same unsigned news, the JM adds that “he knows that the patient has disrespected the quarantine order and that the authorities will already be trying to understand where the patient will be”.

The Diario confirmed that this news is false. The engineer with covid-19 considers that such news is irresponsible and of tremendous gravity that, because it does not correspond to the truth, he will decide to activate the legal mechanisms in order to prosecute the author of the news and the media that transmitted it.

The patient infected with Covid-19, whose identity we chose not to disclose, assured the Diario that he is at his home, in the parish of São Martinho, in Funchal, duly referred by the health services that have contacted him twice a day, as well as by the PSP itself, which is aware of the situation of social isolation in which it finds itself.

On this subject, the Diario listened to sources linked to the PSP and the Institute of Health Administration of Madeira (IASAUDE) that do not confirm that news.

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