In the coming weeks, it is impossible to travel to Madeira from Lisbon by TAP for less than 942 euros, if we talk about round-trip flights.

As JM reported in due course, TAP will start connecting Lisbon to Madeira with just three flights a week each way. A reduction in flights aimed at restricting the maximum number of people coming to Madeira as a measure to contain the coronavirus.

But supporting the prices charged for these flights is not for everyone. In a simulation made on the airline’s website, we found that a one-way flight to Madeira from Lisbon, which only happens on March 31, costs 469.46 euros, a price that is repeated on all flights scheduled for the month Of april.

In this sense, since Madeira – Lisbon fares reach similar values, a round trip between Madeira and the Portuguese capital during the next month costs 942.55 euros.

Note that this is a time when many Madeiran students in Lisbon try to come to the Region.

From JM

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