Thank god for this news, and something Albuquerque has ignored for weeks now.

From the middle of May, the mask will not longer be needed in interior spaces, as JM advances today in its print edition.

This position was again reiterated by Miguel Albuquerque, in statements on the sidelines of a visit to the Fragile Patient Unit, at Hospital dos Marmeleiros, which has been in operation for nine months.

As the official explained, if the situation continues to evolve favorably, this will be the next step in the Region, with the exception of homes and health units.

Recalling that the population is fully vaccinated and that there are no serious cases, the government official stresses that it will be a “responsible measure”.

“We are doing things responsibly. We are doing it carefully”, he concluded.

Regarding the Fragile Patient Unit, the leader of the Madeiran executive congratulated the regional health service for this project, recalling that this is a pioneer unit in the country. “It is a unit that is very important, especially because we are dealing with a population that has a very high average life expectancy”, he noted, stressing that it is important that hospitalized people have this type of multidisciplinary support so that they can return to their homes. residence. But he said that the objective is for this unit to have a sustained growth and also in articulation with the first care.

From Jornal Madeira

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