As the JM said today, José Luís Rodrigues cannot use the device, since the light was turned off at the Hotel Jardins d ‘Ajuda. This morning, he felt bad and is being helped by Sapadores do Funchal.

José Luís, 49, is diabetic, has reduced mobility and depends on a machine to assist breathing during the night, a device he has not been able to use since the electricity supply was cut off last Friday at the Hotel Jardins d ‘ Ajuda.

The Portuguese Venezuelan felt bad this morning and is currently being helped by a team of firefighters from Sapadores do Funchal.

It should be remembered that the Commercial Society decided to cut off electricity, water and gas, giving order to the owners and tenants to vacate Jardins d ‘Ajuda.

At JM, two neighbors of José Luís Rodrigues had already warned about the man’s health status and the fact that he was experiencing dietary restrictions.

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