Disgusting way to be treated and I know very well how she feels, most doctors here are a disgrace and are only interested in the money, and have no feelings for others…. I believe what she says to be 100% true…. 

The Madeiran infected with coronavirus, resident in Câmara de Lobos, is very scared to know that she has the virus and told how she was mistreated when she received the news that she was infected, in emotional statements to RTP Madeira.

The symptoms started when dhe was in Dubai, the final destination of a cruise she took with family and friends.

On Saturday afternoon she arrived in Lisbon with some cough and traveled to Madeira on Sunday morning with the same symptoms.

She asked no one in the family to pick her up and took a taxi home, after completing the survey, at Madeira International Airport – Cristiano Ronaldo.

On Monday, she started with a fever, which increased on Tuesday, despite taking medication to fight what she thought was a “flu that was going to pass”.

After speaking with the doctor who was accompanying her, the professional told the Madeiran to go “immediately” to the Hospital, having moved to the Emergency Service “in her own vehicle” and was soon sent to isolation.

And, every time she asked what she had or why she was going to change rooms, she only received vague answers, such as “the doctor thinks she has an infection in her blood”, after being told that they still did not know the results of the tests.

Wednesday morning the results of the analyzes arrived and the way she knew, left her in a state of shock: “you already know you have the virus, don’t you? Do you already know that you have the disease? ”.

To which the patient said she did not know, because “no one had told her”.

She received an answer: “don’t you know you have the disease? Since morning, everyone knows, and you don’t know? ”.

It was at this moment that, in a panic, the Madeiran woman started to cry, as she was told, as she told RTP Madeira: “will you continue to cry or will you hear what I have to say? Look, I have more patients to treat, I don’t just have you. If you want to hear what I have to say to you, shut up, or else I’m going to leave ”.

A treatment that left the patient inconsolable.

The fever, however, went down and the Madeiran woman is already showing slight improvements, although she admitted, emotionally, that she hopes “not to die”.

‘Ana’, a fictitious name, remains in total isolation, unable to receive visitors.

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