The President of the Republic decided to suspend all his activity for two weeks after having learned that “last night” a student from a school in Felgueiras “was admitted to the last Tuesday edition of the program” Artists in Belém ” , according to a statement published on the Presidency’s website.

Read the full note:

“President of the Republic suspends agenda for two weeks
Last night, after a student from a school in Felgueiras was admitted, that school was closed.

Today, in the afternoon, it was found that a class from that school had been in Belém, last Tuesday, under the initiative “Artists in the Palace of Belém”, in a session attended by the President of the Republic, having, in the end, taken pictures with students and teachers, without, however, having greeted them one by one.

Neither the student now interned, nor his class were in Belém.

Given what is known today and was not known last Tuesday, having listened to the health authorities, the President of the Republic, despite not having any viral symptoms, decided to cancel all his public activity, which comprised several presences with a number high number of Portuguese, as well as going to Belém during the next two weeks.

The same will be done with planned trips abroad.

You will be monitored during this period at home.

Meanwhile, contacts are already underway with everyone who was present at the session on Tuesday and the “Artists at the Palace of Belém” initiative, scheduled to last until the end of the school year, was suspended.

At the moment when all the Portuguese demonstrate high civic maturity in the face of the viral outbreak, the President of the Republic believes that he must give a reinforced example of prevention, without however continuing to work in his private residence. “

Cases of the virus rise to 28 in Portugal, and we sti await the results of the suspected case here in Madeira of a 28  year old woman, which should be known in the next few hours.

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