Miguel de Sousa asks for honor from Madeirans at Madeira Airport

The idea was posted on his Facebook page and immediately gathered a wide range of reactions. Miguel de Sousa, historical leader of the PSD, appealed to the Madeirans to join this Monday, at 8 pm, at Madeira Airport, to honk inside their cars against the Government of the Republic’s refusal to close the Santa Catarina runway .

Realizing that any gathering that gathers more than 100 people is forbidden, Miguel de Sousa told Diário Notícias that the idea is that the Central Government “respects the will and autonomy” of the Madeirans. “We have to do something, because we are talking about a case of life or death. We have to defend our public health! All the Madeirans are in agreement on the closure of the airport and this initiative would show that the people are with the Regional Government ”, mentioned the manager and former governor.

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