Rockfalls and Closed Roads.

President of Civil Protection asks for calm, tranquility and caution in driving.

“It is normal for an event of this nature to always cause some discomfort, some panic, but it is important for people to remain calm and serene”, says José Dias.

The president of Madeira’s Civil Protection asks the Madeirans for attention because replicas may still happen. “It’s perfectly normal, we just don’t know when,” he says.

Attention and caution when driving is another piece of advice from Civil Protection that warns of the closure of regional roads 101, between Ponta Delgada and Fajã da Areia, and 202, between Ribeira Brava and the section above the cemetery.

The 5.1 earthquake (scale updated by the IPMA, meanwhile) felt this evening in Madeira resulted in several falls of stones and trees.

The occurrences reported refer to the Faial and Serra do Poiso areas near Santana. 

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