Tests on 18 people who contacted an infected tourist; higher risk for nine

18 people who had contact with the 61-year-old Dutch tourist infected with coronavirus have already undergone tests to see if they are also infected. Of these 18, nine had a closer relationship with women, so they are at greater risk of also having coronavirus.

“They are people who accompanied her in the same room, they are people who work in the hotel’s restaurant and bar and he is also the hotel’s director,” Mauricio Melim, a specialist in public health, recently revealed at a press conference.

“Of these 9 people who were closest, only one, a hotel worker, complains of sore throats. Everyone else has no symptoms ”, he assured.

There was also the guarantee that when the infected tourist arrived in Madeira on the last 12th day, she had no symptoms – “and at this stage the risk of contagion is almost zero”, she stressed – and that only on Sunday did the Dutch tourist begin to have symptoms.

From Agora Madeira