“The police authorities are going to reinforce the inspection”

Miguel Albuquerque leaves a warning to the “group of individuals who are not complying or trying to escape social isolation”. It guarantees that “the police authorities will reinforce the inspection”. The same happened for some establishments.

Miguel Albuquerque guarantees that those who do not respect social isolation will not have any respite. “We are in a life or death struggle regarding the containment of a disease that can be fatal to any family in Madeira,” said the President of the Regional Government, at the press conference that took place at Quinta Vigia.

“The Government will look at what is the overriding interest in protecting life,” he added.

“We are in a war and this is a war that we have to win,” he said.  From DN

The police presence is certainly out there, they are driving around everywhere and questioning people as to why they are out…