Travel agency available to help volunteers transport food for the elderly

The Pearl of the Atlantic Madeira Travel Agency has publicly expressed its willingness to collaborate with the ‘CoFIQ at Home’ initiative and, together with its employees, to volunteer in the transport of essential goods for the elderly, the group most vulnerable to coronavirus.


Pearl of the Atlantic Madeira Travel Agency management team hereby communicates to all its clients, followers and fans the following:

1 – First of all, to thank all the dedication, professionalism and bravery of all Doctors, Nurses, Health Assistants, Authority Agents, Military and others, who at this troubled moment for everyone, are working day after day in an attempt to save the most sublime good of humanity; life!

2- Secondly, to transmit total confidence and solidarity in all the restrictive measures that the Regional Government of Madeira has implemented over the last few days in the daily lives of locals and tourists in order to protect the lives of each one of us!

3- Ask all tourists who are still on the Island, whether our customers or from other companies to be responsible and to strictly comply with all measures imposed by the Regional Government, under penalty of being disobeying and face criminal persecution for acts of disobedience and social disturbance!

4- Publicly thanking the initiative developed by a group of young people from Madeira “CoFiq em Casa” that, without any profit, helps the elderly to transport essential goods to their homes without being exposed to contact with other people, a condition fundamental to the non-propagation of Covid-19!

5- Officially inform this Organization, the availability of our company, together with its employees, to provide volunteering in the transport of food for these elderly people.

6- With this measure, the company wants to publicly thank all of our Grandparents, Parents, Uncles and other family members for the strong contribution they made in their time in promoting and publicizing Madeira Island, better known internationally as the Pearl of the Atlantic! It is our duty to look after our older family members!

7- The company soon realized the gravity of the situation and took measures even before it was officially notified by the local Regional Tourism board to suspend all its activity for the good of all of us!

8- In this moment of pain, suffering and uncertainties in which the world lives, we would like to send a word of solidarity to all those infected and to family members who unfortunately have already lost their loved ones.

9- To finish, we would like to appeal for Union, Sacrifice by all of us, in the strong conviction that together we will be stronger and that together we will raise the name of Madeira again as we have done in the past!

The Management of Pearl of the Atlantic Madeira!

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