The second phase of the ‘Stay home now’ campaign has just launched. Dream online. Visit us later!

The campaign is aimed at everyone who is at home or remains at home. “The appeal now is to the” online dream “, to discover the destination through 20 experiences that can be discovered through digital platforms, reinforcing that Madeira awaits everyone, with the objective of maintaining the destination” top of mind “.”

A message that “freedom is the genuine expression of the human essence and that we are all beings from the outside”, that, “for now, and because we care about each other, we have to stay at home, but that we can and must to be able to dream, now more than ever “.

The video released today, which you can watch below, is followed by 11 short films about activities and experiences, which can be practiced in Madeira and Porto Santo and which will be published throughout April and May. As well as nine static visuals, complementary to the campaign, that will intrecalate with the videos, in a total of 20 different experiences.

The motto is always “Madeira in Another Way. Dream online, visit us later, Madeira will still be here ”but with declines for each activity, as for example, in the case of the levadas -“ Dream online, visit us later, LEVADAS will still be here ”.

See the video:


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