Carmo Stadium becomes a logistics center for agricultural outlets

The creation of a logistic center for agricultural outlets that will operate in the underground car park at the Municipal Stadium of Câmara de Lobos is the solution that came out of the meeting that involved officials from the Chamber and the regional secretary’s of Agriculture and Health. The outcome tries to minimize damage and outflow from farmers in the parish of Câmara de Lobos who could not pass goods to the markets because they were covered by the security fence, as DIÁRIO reported early in the morning.

The space was chosen because it guarantees all the hygienic-sanitary safety conditions necessary for an operation of this magnitude. DIÁRIO knows that producers should contact their usual outlets, proceeding to the delivery of the same in the referred space.

It will be organized in a circular circuit, which will allow the removal of products from transport vehicles without the driver leaving the vehicle interior. The discharge will be made by a specialized team, properly equipped with PPE and the products will be cleaned by the company Extermínio.

After unloading and cleaning, they will be transported outside the parish in vehicles from the Municipality, in the case of fruit and vegetables, and from GESBA, in the case of bananas. GESBA vehicles will be duly authorized to enter the security fence, with the exclusive purpose of going to the logistics center and collecting the products and channeling them to the São Martinho Supply Market, following a circuit, previously defined by the local authorities.

To our newspaper, Leonel Silva, councilor responsible for agriculture, said it was “an important solution for farmers in the parish who had their crops and income at risk, but above all an important solution for all Madeirans”, considering that most horticultural products supply the regional market.

It is guaranteed that “there will be no shortage of products on the table” and with the total “guarantee of hygienic-sanitary security”, he stressed.

The preparation of the space will be completed throughout today, the producers will be contacted and instructed on the procedures to be adopted.

“I understand the constraints caused and the manifestations of impatience expressed by some producers, but setting up an operation of this magnitude takes some time, and with the commitment of the employees of the Câmara, Regional Secretary of Agriculture, Câmara de Lobos Parish Council and GESBA, we are trying to reduce this time to the maximum, so that the plant is operational as soon as possible ”, argued Pedro Coelho’s“ vice ”.

In addition, equipment is already being installed to start receiving the products.

From Diário Notícias

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