Easter Egg Hunt

Hope you are all trying to enjoy your Easter.

I thought we could have a little Easter Egg Hunt while we are all stuck indoors in this situation.

In March I posted a total of 471 posts, within these posts I have hidden 10 images of Easter Eggs similar to the ones below. The image will be at the end of the post, and on it will be the prize you may have won. Prizes could be 3 bottles of red wine, A bottle of Ginja, Coffee and Cake with me, Tea for two at Pestana Palms, or the Book Madeira in a Nutshell.

Find an image of the Easter Eggs, with the prize and Email me at madeiraislandnews@gmail.com. You need to send me the Title of the Blog Post (example this post is called Easter Egg Hunt) and the Prize you may have won. (Read to the end of this post)

The first person to email me with the Title and Prize they have won, will be the winner. So there are 10 posts all published in the month of March with prizes hidden.

I will not reply to any emails but will post the 10 winners on A Blog Post, Monday Morning.

Only one prize per person. Only Emailed Answers Accepted.

Happy Hunting……

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