Event: “Madeira. Belongs to all” and we belong to Madeira

The Digital Nomads, alongside the international and local social inclusion project, Madeira Friends, will create a work of art with respects to Madeira, entitled “Madeira. Belongs to all” and we all belong to Madeira.

In a record year of tourism booming for the island and after the great success of the Digital Nomads project in Madeira, with diverse visitors from all over the world, the work of art is inspired by the different origins and cultural diversity of those who visit us or who choose Madeira as their home.
The artist, Andreína de Canha, will count on the help of the public during the event.
The piece itself will be interactive as the public will have the opportunity to be part of it, through their figurative and abstract silhouettes that will be placed on “picture” on a canvas with almost 4 meters in length.
The art installation will begin at the weekly gathering of the Digital Nomads that will take place next Wednesday, November 23rd, between 7pm and 10 pm at the Arcadas Pelourinho. In addition to art, the event will also feature a local DJ and some surprises.
The work is estimated to be concluded in a month and the aim will be to cover the entire island, starting at the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture and further showcased as exhibition in other locations, in order to amplify the message and social impact of this initiative.

The event is for free and everyone is welcome, from Madeirans, Digital Nomads and foreign residents. Find out more about this initiative on the Madeira Friends Instagram page:


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