A couple of foreigners are among the owners affected by the cuts in the supply of water and electricity at the Hotel Jardins d ‘Ajuda.

Richard Turner told JM that he was prevented from accessing his apartment and that in exchange he was suggested to move to the Musa d’Ajuda hotel, also owned by the commercial company Vilarlombo, which happened because they had nowhere else to stay.

“We believed that the actions are illegal in the light of the” State of Emergency “, says Richard Turner, adding that he is now being accompanied by a lawyer.

It is recalled that Vilarlombo cut off the supply of water and electricity, on the 27th, to several apartment owners at the Hotel Jardins d’Ajuda, evoking, according to tenants, the State of Emergency to close the building.

The Commercial Society has, however, restored these services to only two couples with mobility difficulties and living on a sixth floor. However, this only happened after one of the owners, José Luís Rodrigues, who needs a machine to help him breathe, felt bad, to the point of having been rescued by Firefighters in Funchal.

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