Government decides in the afternoon what to do about Câmara de Lobos after ten new positive cases of Covid-19

The situation in Câmara de Lobos will be subject to analysis this afternoon, revealed the President of the Government and took into account the number of infected. Thereafter, the authorities will make a decision on what to do, with Miguel Albuquerque not setting aside the health fence.

The decision, he added, will be based first on the interests of the population of Câmara de Lobos and then on the Region, not allowing this contagion “to proliferate in an uncontrolled way.”

It also states that decisions are taken not in terms of the identified cases, but in terms of the potential growth of cases.

The first analysis of what to do in relation to Câmara de Lobos according to the contacts of the 40 people who are carrying out tests and who are already in isolation in hotels, in addition to ten people who have already tested positive, increasing the number of cases to 64 at least.

“We want to ensure that the situation is under the control of the health authorities,” he said.

From DN

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