Messages of hope in Câmara de Lobos, see the video released by the residents of the municipality

A group of people from Câmara de Lobos recorded a video to give hope to the people of that municipality, with the song ‘Oh gente da minha terra’, by Mariza, as a ‘background’, performed by Carolina Silva.

The idea came from João Pedro, a stylist from that municipality, who believes that everything will pass and that people will have their lives back.

“The main reason for creating this video was to support our people with motivational phrases that everything will be fine,” he explained.

“I feel very proud of the final result, simple but beautiful, where the main message is to believe that everything will be okay, no matter what we have been through or we may be going through, it is necessary to believe in a better tomorrow and like the old saying says: “The Union is strength.” And we, xavelhas, are united in this battle ”, he added.

The video was prepared by Elton Cantoni.

List of stakeholders:

1- Luana Oliveira

2- Sérgio Rocha

3- Sofia Ferreira

4- Rodrigo Oliveira

5- Fátima Oliveira

6- Eduarda Oliveira

7- Mónica Ferreira

8- Joana Santos

9- Laura Ferreira

10- Angela Rocha

11- Samanta Abreu

12- Monica Abreu

13- Bia Pinto

14- Carolina Barros

15- Catarina Aguiar

16- Eduarda Azevedo

17- Jessica Freitas

18- Cláudia Câmara

19- Leonardo Abreu

20- Sandro Oliveira

21- Rúben Aguiar

22- João Pedro Oliveira

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