One More Positive Case in Madeira

IASAÚDE registered another positive case of Covid-19 in the Region, a report that came to interrupt the series of three consecutive days without the announcement of new cases of infections.

The announcement was made by the regional secretary for Health and Civil Protection, Pedro Ramos at the press conference that is taking place on the update of the pandemic.

The number of covid-19 cases thus rose to 51, being another imported case, namely from the United Kingdom.

After the announcement of yet another positive case of infection by Covid-19 in the Region, Pedro Ramos said that this is yet another imported case.

“It is a sign that our borders should have been closed earlier, which we did not achieve and that is why we cannot slow down”, said the minister.

There are eight people waiting for the laboratory results of the Covid-19 screening test in the Region.

The new case Funchal has been detected 28 days after quarantine.

The new case of Covid-19 positive in Madeira comes from Funchal, but was imported from the United Kingdom.

This is a young woman between 20-29 years old and returned to Madeira on March 14, presenting symptoms the next day, explained Bruna Gouveia from IASAÚDE.

Because she had a history of an allergic disease, she was prescribed medication.

The patient, after learning that people she contacted in the UK tested positive, asked to be tested again, which was carried out after a quarantine of 28 days.

She is asymptomatic, remains isolated and is being monitored by the Funchal health authority.