Four injured and several young people with bruises in the bus crash in Funchal

At least four people have injuries that require greater care following the collision between a light vehicle and a bus, which resulted in the bus crashing this afternoon above the Pináculo viewpoint.

The two occupants of the van and two of the bus are being rescued at the scene. There are indications that several passengers of the bus, namely young people, have minor injuries, namely bruises and pain in the neck and back, due to the crash.

Passengers broke one of the side windows to get out of the bus, whose weight will be supported by trees and part of the road wall.

As the DIÁRIO had already advanced, the bus was connecting Funchal – Caniço (Assomada), when it had the accident. Several means of the Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, the Santa Cruz Firefighters, Civil Protection and Public Security Police are already on site.


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