Bus crash near the Pináculo will have caused several injuries in Madeira

Bus was on the Funchal-Assomada (Caniço) route when it collided with a light and left the road, staying on the edge of the cliff.

A bus crashed a moment ago on Rua Conde Carvalhal, next to the Pináculo viewpoint, in the parish of São Gonçalo, in the direction of Funchal-Caniço.

There are indications of several injuries, but information about what happened is still scarce. Several means of assistance from the Regional Civil Protection Service, namely Madeiran Volunteer Firefighters, Sapadores de Santa Cruz Firefighters were sent to the scene.

It is known that collective passenger transport belongs to the fleet of Empresa de Buses do Caniço and was traveling between the center of Funchal and Assomada (Caniço) when it hit a curve with another vehicle traveling in the opposite direction, ending up to go off the edge, staying on the edge of the precipice.

On board were several passengers, mostly students returning home.

The Public Security Police is already on site, also regulating traffic.