Miguel Albuquerque called today for an extraordinary Government Council. On the table are the various scenarios for the resumption of some economic activities.

A resumption that will be gradual and that will not happen before next week, reveals JM, in this morning’s print edition.

The regional executive may also begin to consider how the gradual reopening of trips to and from Madeira will take place.

On the table are several possibilities, including the possible creation of exceptional conditions to allow certain economic agents, or others, to move between Lisbon, Funchal and the Azores to handle their business. And thus avoiding greater harm to their companies, without having to submit to quarantines of 15 days before and after the displacements. 

There is a condition that seems consensual: the demand for tests on Covid-19, on arrival and repetition in the following days, with the costs to be assumed by those who want to travel.

Isn’t this just going to bring more risk to the island, I don’t think they should be letting anyone in unless they can prove they have had the virus, so possibly immune, or better testing availability, a vaccine, or the mandatory two weeks quarantine.

This is our fourth week now in lockdown, with the possibility of another two weeks, and to start letting people in and out of the island and to put us back to square one will just cause uproar…. SO KEEP THEM OUT…. 

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