Regional Government only decides on possible measures to ease restrictions on Saturday

“It is not yet time to slow down the measures,” said Miguel Albuquerque, at the press conference that is still taking place at Quinta Vigia.

The president of the regional government takes stock of the effect of the measures to contain the covid-19 pandemic and concludes that, in the Region, “the situation is under control” but recalls that it is not possible to “facilitate”.

Albuquerque praises the behaviour of the Madeirans and affirms that the “containment measures are adequate and that the population understood and respected”.

The isolation and confinement measures “remain” and only next Saturday will the Regional Government “make a new assessment” and decide on possible gradual measures to resume the work of companies, always with respect for the rules of public health and safety.

Albuquerque also informed that, from the end of the week, masks will be distributed, by Ctt and the Government recommends the use in public spaces. A video will soon be released to show how masks should be used.

From DN

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