SESARAM’s Hemato-oncology patients say they are seen without security conditions

Several patients of the Hemato-oncology Service of SESARAM feel that they do not have the necessary conditions of safety in their understanding, which they are having at the Hospital Dr. Nélio Mendonça. The treatments themselves are not concerned, but the administrative assistance.

Some of these patients, who contacted DIÁRO, this morning, to express their indignation, do not understand how, at a time when many precautions related to the prevention of Covid-19 are recommended, they can be cared for in conditions that they perceive to endanger their security, even because they are included in risk groups.

As we were told, about 30 people would be waiting for time, some inside, others on the ramp, but without the possibility of maintaining the safety distances, which come to be recommended by health authorities, to all citizens. Conditions that, most of all, defend, should be practiced in the health service and, especially, in cancer patients.

In addition to these issues, space, we are assured, does not provide comfort. It is cold and even infiltrates the rain, which is relevant considering that, in addition to everything that has already been said, several of the users are elderly.

From Diário Notícias

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