Three individuals arrested for illegal spearfishing in Garajau

The Territorial Command of Madeira yesterday identified three individuals for illegal spearfishing in the Garajau Nature Reserve.

In a statement, the GNR says that “the suspects were surprised to carry out spearfishing at night, in a protected maritime area, where activities and visits are prohibited under the contingency measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic”.

This action resulted in the seizure of 25 kilograms of limpets and 36 kilograms of fresh fish, with three diving suits, two spearfishing weapons, a gillnet with 38 meters, two ballast belts, two pairs of fins, one knife and three flaps.

An administrative order was prepared for the three individuals and the material used in hunting was apprehended.

It should be noted that all fish were delivered to an institution of social solidarity.

From RTP Madeira

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