Forest Police detect “some affluence” in Porto Santo, Santana and Machico

The affluence to the forest space by the population already maintains the feeling of tranquility despite having been detected by the inspection of the Forestry Police the ban on two people in Funduras, in Machico, but “they respected the indications and went back”, Manuel said a moment ago Filipe, president of the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation, who nonetheless added that there was “no incident”.

Also in Porto Santo there was “some influx of people to Pico Castelo, but they respected the directions and went back” as in Santana with an influx to Pico das Pedras, with the presence of 6 vehicles, however the drivers followed the instructions and went back.

These are the information collected from the Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation that made it known that in São Vicente / Jardim da Serra Calheta and Porto, Poiso, Ponta do Sol and Porto Moniz there is nothing to register.

From Diário Notícias