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I think by the emails and messages I have had, there are a number of you wanting to get back to the island, A. To staying with Family, or B. As you have property here and can stay much longer than a holiday period.

I think the mandatory quarantine will be stopped very soon, the island can not carry on with this in place.

But if its still in place and you can get back, you could probably come back for at least 3 months, would you be happy to do quarantine at your property, two weeks will pass quick and you can get on with jobs in and around you property. People you know could get your shopping and things you need.

Tourism I don’t think will start until at least July, and they still don’t know how they will handle this, maybe we hear more from Albuquerque at 1pm today. But when tourism does start I believe it will be well under 50% for the rest or this year into early next year.

You also hear all this talk of vaccine trials, here there and everywhere, but fact is there will not be one this year and probably not till the first half of next year.

I also know that testing is not being done on the island enough, I know people who have been in quarantine, for the 14 days, hardly been checked on, (what does it cost to make a daily phone call to check?) and they are not even been tested before they are allowed to leave after the mandatory 14 days. They are lying to us, and they at the top are putting us and the island at risk. This could well be the case for Câmara de Lobos also, perhaps no testing was done and this is why, all of a sudden we had those 10 cases.

Thoughts and comments below, if you read this on Facebook please try put the comments on my blog for everyone to read. 

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