New version of ‘Covid Safe Tourism’ in consultation

The new version ‘Covid Safe Tourism’, a plan that we revealed first hand in the Diario last April 22nd and where all the recommendations for tourist activities in time of pandemic in Madeira are gathered, has been accessible to the sector since yesterday, in order that they can again comment on the steps to be taken in the recovery period.

The 34-page document is not definitive and is constantly being updated, says the regional secretary for Tourism and Culture, who has been listening to the sector he oversees in order to find solutions for the necessary recovery. That is why Eduardo Jesus is back on “public consultation” in order to improve and to evolve, but also so that the sector becomes aware of the degree of involvement and demand that the measures bring.

Eduardo Jesus understands that no other destination has been organized in this integrated way and because it is “important to be prepared for the moment of the start”, shared the document that keeps everything open. A plan that “is subject to an evolution that will depend on the scientific and technological dimension”, he says.

The ‘Covid Safe Tourism’ which contains a set of recommendations, but with regard to airplanes and airports, areas not covered by the Region, Tourism “only points out possibilities”, reserving the sector’s authorities with essential decisions. Among these, the Region does not give up a principle, the control of passengers at origin.

From Diário Notícias

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