The announcement that the Ponta Delgada Court, in the Azores, granted a request for immediate release made by a plaintiff, against the Azorean Government’s quarantine in hotels, caused a natural uproar yesterday afternoon in Quinta Vigia. “Madeira is not going to change anything”, says a source from the Presidency of the Regional Government, in the headline of this Sunday’s printed edition of JM.

If the Madeiran Executive is notified of a similar decision, “someone will have to take that responsibility”. The warning is clear in the face of a warning cry: “We do not have the capacity to control and to guarantee the safety of our population.”
There is a “false idea” that the pandemic “is under control”. That is the reason for the “great concern with what may come”. The JM source in the Presidency of the Regional Government recalls that “it would have been catastrophic for Madeira” if the quarantines had not been imposed on the arrival of passengers.
This “prophylactic measure” is the reason that allows the Autonomous Region of Madeira to remain, until yesterday, the only Portuguese region without any record of deaths associated with Covid-19, in addition to boasting an insignificant number of active cases (yesterday afternoon it was 31). “Quarantine was the best that was done in the face of the seriousness of the situation. This is not a prison chain and we cannot be playing with the situation. ”
There is also a final message: “Also through this situation, the Madeirans and Portosantenses must understand why Madeira needs to have more Autonomy”.

Taken from JM